Oct. 12th, 2013

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Dearest Yuletider (hi!!),

I see you have great taste! My other letters are on my Yuletide tag if you want them. I feel the need to let you know that if at any time for any reason you are stressed/upset/uninspired, you are not letting me down if you don't participate in the festival. Let the mods know as early as possible, and take care of yourself! Your mental health is more important than my fic, and I requested a lot of Diana Wynne Jones so the pinch hit list will be on that like... Diana Wynne Jones fans. For obvious reasons.

Triggers: pretty much any sexual content can trigger me (particularly with an unknown writer), no matter how consensual. Light pg13 to be safe in sexual areas would be awesome thanks. Otherwise I am mostly ok with things, but ableism specifically towards worthlessness/uselessness/bootstraps can hit me pretty hard too. Please tag with the warnings tags - if you choose not to warn, that's fine, but I might be late to reading and commenting depending on my emotional state re: unknowns.

Everything below this line is totally ignorable :O. :D

General likes and dislikes ( aka ignorable :D) )

Below are my raw requests from my sign up :)
A Tale of Time City (world building or random plot) )

Archer's Goon (Awful Sykes) )

The Dalemark Quartet (Libby Beer (with relief pitcher Dagner)) )

Eight Days of Luke (Astrid Price) )

Silver Hawk (Lisa Hayashi) )

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