Sep. 25th, 2014

tlvop: A small fat bird looks innocent. It is not. (FLUFFILY PLOTTING YOUR DEMISE)
TL note: As before, my best friend (Kerioth on AO3) still refuses to get a DW account just for yuletide, haha. Here is her letter for 2014.


Dear awesome Yuletide author,

First of all, thank you so much! I’m really happy you offered to write for one (or more?) of my fandoms, and I hope this letter helps you with the first part of that process.

In general, what you need to know about me is that I prefer gen or het stories, definitely nothing above “PG-13.” I also prefer happy or hopeful endings to stories, and stories that are true to canon in levels of violence and/or romance. Some of my notes are pretty specific, but I’ve tried to give you at least 2 or 3 different ideas for each canon in the hope that something I have to say here will spark your interest. Happy writing!

Oxford Time Travel - Connie Willis (Ned Henry, Verity Kindle) )
SKET Dance (Bossun, Himeko) )

Old Kingdom - Garth Nix (Sabriel, Touchstone) )
Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy Sayers (Peter, Harriet) )

Thank you again!

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