Jan. 2nd, 2017

tlvop: Drawing of a girl grinning (:))
Thank you so much for writing a fic for me!

AO3: TLvop

I would be more than happy with any of this combos of characters in any of these fandoms! Parts are copy/pasted, parts have been written on the fly. This journal is pretty much just exchange letters, so go snoop as you'd like!

I'm a pretty easy recipient, and I like a ton of things, but I'm totally fine with you ignoring my prompts or only picking/choosing as long as you avoid my triggers (listed before the cut). Please write whatever strikes your fancy! And if writing my fic causes you any level of Not Fun Stress, please don't feel you're doing poorly by me if you default -- your mental health > this fanfic. <3

Also, the fandoms are listed alphabetically -- not by desire to get them! I pruned my list to only things I'd be delighted by :). My fandom prompts and notes are often spoiler-y, so... heads-up?


I have a sensitive non-con/dub-con/childhood sexual abuse trigger. So as to be less scary, I've listed what's a-okay before what really isn't.

What I can read and do mostly enjoy -- Early "fade to black"s and kissing are generally fine, especially in relationships that are already established in the fic's timeline or are known to be happily established in canon if you're writing a prequel. Also, sexually explicit talk between characters with no likely sexual interest in each other doesn't spike my anxiety. That's weird, maybe, but one of my canons is Riddick so I figured I'd clarify!

What will set me off -- "On-screen" sexual encounters; dirty talk; sexual threats; discussion of non-con/dub-con/childhood sexual abuse. Any threats of those taking place. And of those actually taking place. Discussed incest. On-screen incest. Under-18 sexual relationships in focus. Cross-generational (like "I knew you when you were a child " not purely age difference) ships. please believe me on this -- someone during yuletide pointed out I've liked and written some fic that muddle into some of these territories, but me writing it / friends I trust who give me thorough warnings over IM =/= gift fic from an anon :)

ALSO -- I would appreciate a warning for suicide if it comes up at all. I can handle it if I'm not surprised.

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