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Dear Yuletide Writer <3 (/other kind individuals who might stumble past!),

I love you lots!  Please feel free to regard/disregard anything in here except what is under Important. Everything else is just to spark potential thoughts, etc.! :) Thank you. I have included the prompts in underline; they are mildly redundant, but also include unique stuff, so feel free to read as much/little as you like :).

I find ableism, sexual assault/harrassment, and bullying triggering.  I find other –isms distressing but I know they can appropriately express the view of the character; I hope in that case you can show the narration doesn’t agree? Please check with ryfkah@gmail.com if you’re worried about the fic, as she is a volunteered me-expert.

My AO3 name is TLvop, and this is my journal so feel free to look around! The 'yuletide' tag has stuff from previous years. (Kerioth is a friend of mine without a journal to host her letter.)

I don’t read over PG-13, either, especially for sexual things, as it tends to set off my anxieties even if the acts are consensual. Thanks, <3.

Less importantly, I would like a neutral-to-happy fic for this yuletide. :). I love thinky or bittersweet-neutral fics, but I really would rather not cry.
Gosh, what types of stories do I love? (ALL OF THEM.) Um, I always love worldbuilding! I also love character interspection, or conversations – I really mostly like fics that explore who a character is, either from outside in relation to another character/their world, or in their own head, or any mix of the above! I prefer gen fic to romance, though I like romance fine as long as it illumines the characters or stays out of the main focus :).

I don’t really like post-modern styles/poetry, just because it’s difficult for me to follow – which might be the point, but I currently am having trouble following any of the written word, so I prefer the more straightforward :).

If you were matched on any of my fandoms and are considering switching to a different prompt, be aware that the two shortest fandoms are The Three Musketeers (2011) (much kinder to its female characters than its predecessors, and pulpy good fun) which can be found >.> online <.< if one looks in the right places >.> (google is a dear, make sure you have an antivirus software); the other is A Tale of Time City, which is one fairly small book, so if your library stocks DWJ you are probably in luck! \o/ (It is very fun, and plays with time travel, mistaken identity, and destiny/subverting destiny, as well as just kids hanging out, and having a ROBOT CURATOR of a museum :DDD ).

The Three Musketeers (2011)­ Queen Anne
Prompt: I admire Queen Anne so much for her bravery and tenacity; she's insightful, and she wields what little power she has very carefully and well for someone so young. I really would like any fic about her -- childhood, shippy with Louis (awww), or younger with she and Louis, or her and her ladies in waiting :DDD. (Like, post-canon Anne and Constance finagling their side of war plans?? IDEK, go wild) I know historical Anne/Louis died in a spectacular flame-y wreck, but given this is alternate history land if we could avoid that it'd make me happy :).

What I love about Queen Anne (other than everything) is how aware she is of who she is, and the position she is in.  She has very little in the way power, yet she sees the lines of power inside the court better than her husband;  when the tide of power turns against her, she is not only clever she is brave even though she is justifiably terrified.  She seems to genuinely love her husband, even though they don’t appear to know each other very well. She has the love and loyalty of her ladies in waiting.

I would love anything about Queen Anne; it could about her youth, her previous meeting with Buckingham (she clearly does not like him – why?), conversations between her and Candace, or adorable flirtation with King Louis, or honestly anything (not contradicting the important information above).  I ship Anne/Louis,  even though I realize historically there were some issues – I do see this as a totally different universe than ours, though if you want to use history to inform it, that’s all right, I just want their love to be shippy instead of die in flames the way the historical one did? <3.

Dalemark – Moril, Brid
Prompt: Really, I'd love almost anything in Dalemark. A Moril and Brid sibling story would be lovely -- either post-Crown of Dalemark when they're adapting to being both adults and rather important adults at that, or pre- Cart & Cwidder would be amazing! Stuff within canon is cool too.

If, however, you have a character you love in Dalemark canon that you don't get to write about much -- say, Gull-who-is-Gann during his adventures in the South? or Navis's Epic Love Of Chess (or even his love story with either his first wife or the woman he starts seeing in CoD)? or Hildy and Biffa and friendship? or Biffa's childhood/relationship with her family and identity as she goes from farm girl --> lawyer --> queen? Or Biffa/Mitt (in this case, please don't make Biffa ~~only a stand-in until Mitt can be with his one true love~~. I ship Mitt/Maewen, but I LOVE BIFFA and she is amazing too!)? Really anything (Alk/Countess lawschool otp???) other than the post-canon Mitt/Maewen, which has been handled well dozens of times and I kind of want other fic in this verse :3. <3333.

I usually request general fic for Dalemark, but I would love adult Moril-Brid sibling fic! Pre-canon works, too,  though I am most fascinated by their interactions especially given Moril builds a school, etc., and their experiences in court with Brid being married to Kialan (and presumably doing her own awesome things as well – what are they? Explore!).

If you would rather, though, I am seriously good with any fic in this series that is not Mitt/Maewen. They are my OTP, but I find them boring to read about constantly given the world is so big?  From last year:

Basically: Tell me something about a character who doesn't get written about much and who you love. What about Alk and the Duchess? Or tell me about Cennoreth and her weavings, or how Tanaqui the granddaughter of the One became the witch of the north. Or Milda, or Robin, or Tanamil the Piper, or Gull who is Gann, hero of the South. If you would, show me something about this world that's always interested you, and isn't about Mitt and Maewen (I love them, but they get all the fanfic!). I prefer things set pre-Maewen's era ("Modern" Dalemark), because I am a sucker for the tone of historical fiction, and for myth. Less-than-or-equal-to PG-13 please, :)! (Though for Dalemark I let a bit of leeway for "darkness," if you want to use it :))

A Tale of Time City – Elio
Prompt: Seriously it's ridiculous; I need to re-read Tale of Time City before yuletide but since I read it I've been vaguely in love with Elio and his collection of stuff. It can be day-in-the-life-of-Elio, or ROBOT CURATING, or him conniving to go on a mission to PICK UP MORE STUFF, or giving tours to bored kids!!! Or his early years (where did he develop his interests???) or something in his non-curating life, that's okay too!

I find the time-ghosts fascinating in canon, but you don't need to touch on them at all :D!

I reeally want robot curator fic.  What are his thoughts about the history of the city? How does his daily routine go? What was his "childhood" (early years) like? Maybe he needs to go on an ADVENTURE TO ACQUIRE MORE HISTORICAL STUFF.

...Really, anything you want with Elio *_*. I've been trying to expand this, so that you don't feel like I want this request less, but everytime I think of it I just want to twirl around happily instead of think smart words, so I will just have to promise! <333. Seriously, he is awesome.

The Dark is RisingJane Drew
Prompt: I have loved Jane since I first read Greenwitch (I was convinced, in Over Sea, Under Stone, that she was terribly boring. I was not a very astute small child) -- I love her practical, empathetic approach to the fantastic.

I would love to see who Jane is once she's an adult! How have her experiences (even though she doesn't remember them) shaped her? What does she do, who are her friends, where does she live? My only request is that if you want her to remember, make it hard? Easy memory recover does not sit easily with me, especially for this canon. <333.

I would like adult Jane fic, about her life and who she is as an adult—what does she do? Who are her friends? What are her beliefs/feelings/pastimes?  Feel free to include her siblings, Will, Bran, (others), or set them  aside as you want.  I am really curious about how her view of herself has grown; how the Lady and the Greenwitch have influenced her despite everything .  One request: If you do choose to have her remember, make it hard?  Easy memory recovery has never sat right with me in this universe.

I guess I should mention I love the Greenwitch a lot, though you definitely don’t have to discuss her :).


on 2011-11-16 09:27 pm (UTC)
ext_27060: Sumer is icomen in; llude sing cucu! (Default)
Posted by [identity profile] rymenhild.livejournal.com
You have such fabulous requests. Where I know the canon, I definitely want the story now, and where I don't, I'm still sure it would be a great story!

on 2011-11-16 10:34 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] dictator-duck.livejournal.com
<33 *twirls you* Are you yuletiding this year?

on 2011-11-17 12:37 am (UTC)
ext_27060: Sumer is icomen in; llude sing cucu! (Default)
Posted by [identity profile] rymenhild.livejournal.com
Probably not. The last few times I attempted fic to other people's prompts, I couldn't get myself to write them. Maybe if I get a good idea I'll write someone's story and post it to Yuletide Madness instead -- that way if I didn't finish it I wouldn't be defaulting on somebody.

on 2011-11-16 10:02 pm (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
I never offer Dark Is Rising, because everyone always seems to want Will/Bran and that's not my thing, but you have me wanting to, this year. <3 Jane.

on 2011-11-16 10:34 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] dictator-duck.livejournal.com
<333! If there is any chance of Jane-fic, I am willing to engage in cheerful faces of encouragement!! But even if there is not, it is lovely to find another Jane fan :DD.

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