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Quick Summary
AO3 Username: TLvop
Fandoms: Eight Days of Luke (Diana Wynne Jones)-Astrid Price; Gunnerkrigg Court - Anja Donlan, Kat Donlan, Paz Cadena-Blanco; The Three Musketeers (2011) - Queen Anne; Archer's Goon (Diana Wynne Jones) - Awful Sykes, Catriona Sykes.
Major tropes/interests: female-female friendship/mentorship, found family, gen (non-romance centered stories), robots, world-building... there's a lot more listed below.
Triggers? Sexual content (Further detail listed below!)


HELLO, Dear Yuletider!

I see you have great taste (:D)! My other letters are on my Yuletide tag if you want them, but this forward section and the Diana Wynne Jones prompts are almost word-for-word that of my 2013.

I feel the need to let you know that if at any time for any reason you are stressed/upset/uninspired, you are not letting me down if you don't participate in the festival. Let the mods know as early as possible, and take care of yourself! Your mental health is more important than my fic, and I requested a lot of Diana Wynne Jones so the pinch hit list will be on that like... Diana Wynne Jones fans. For obvious reasons.

Triggers: pretty much any sexual content can trigger me (particularly with an unknown writer), no matter how consensual. Nothing beyond light kissing, including no discussion of more intimate things, thank you :). Please feel free to use whatever warning tags you wish, but it may take me longer to read a story tagged Author Chooses Not To Use Archive Warnings due to anxiety regarding unknowns :).

Everything below this line is totally ignorable :O. :D


Likes: friendship!!! Complicated characters (not necessarily dark and gritty, just having the internal logic and illogic that every person has), complicated worlds. Economics, science, history, philology, basically if you can get a degree in it at a liberal arts and sciences college then yes please. (My studies were in chemistry, history, and marketing, with a lot of studying of historical economic systems. Just a fascinated fan). Ladies and nerds. Nerdy ladies!!!! Agender and gender queer folks, or people who have a completely different understanding of gender from current western norms (like ROBOTS. Robots are pretty great.)

Happy fic, and thoughtful but not super depressing fic :)

Dislikes: fics solely about romance? I find romance cute but often kinda boring if it's the heart of the plot line. Violence for no reason; villains with no logic

Note: This is a very short book!

What was Astrid like as a kid? How did she get to be who she is today? Did she ever encounter the supernatural as a kid/teenager?

OR about Astrid today, and her life, and how she is the badassest (as little or as much supernatural as you'd like; Astrid whose life seems totally normal except her ward being besties with Loki is just as interesting as Astrid-who-suddenly-is-working-with-a-lot-of-demigods).

Take "badass" for whatever qualities you like, but I appreciate DEFENDING YOUR BOUNDARIES and SORTING PAPERWORK as much as KICKING EVIL IN THE FACE. Or both…???

I think Astrid/Thor are super adorable, but I do not need it in the fic! It's just cute, and runs contrary to my gen-ish impulses. But gen is always great :D.

I'd also love to see Astrid-David's relationship from Astrid's point of view! What is it like to suddenly be put in a parent-type position?

Note: Webcomic -- very long, but highly recommended!

I would like either current, past, or near-future fic for this fandom. (Unless the bug hits you to write future fic!)

I would really like a fic either focused on Anja and Paz or Anja and Kat, with the third character more backgroundish. Unless you want to focus just on Paz or Anja and make everyone else more backgroundish, that would be fine! (I love Kat, but she gets a lot of love. Unless, of course, the bug hits you haha)

I just love the idea of Anja acting as a mentor for Paz and/or Kat. There's that faint awkwardness of a mother who's not the same as her daughter but adores her and has so much wisdom, especially in interpersonal things re: Kat (and can't you see her originally seeing Kat and Paz hanging out more and just being so worried Kat's had a falling out with Annie, before realizing Kat's actually just fallen in love with Paz??? And being so relieved??? CUTE). I feel like Anja and Paz have a lot more in common in personality type and not focus area, and Anja could I think ease Paz out of her shell she gets around people she doesn't know.

I ship Kat/Paz, and would like it acknowledged if set during the current plot because they're canonically dating! They're underage, however, so please keep any romance at the mild kissing level, and I'd like the focus more to be about their adventures instead of their romance (of course, use your best judgment! If you'd like to write 80% romance with 20% adventures, I'm sure I'll like it :).

What I love about:
Anja: Her kindness; the fact that while she's cheerful she's also perceptive and able to bring fierce protection; her adorable romance with her husband /keyboardmash; her magic and how she's been able to link it to programming.
Kat: Um, ROBOT ANGEL. I love Kat in large part because I identify with her in how awkward but overwhelmingly outgoing she appears in interactions, despite clearly being someone who likes to spend a lot of time by herself. I love how she actively engages with her identity, even when she can't process it right, and how she is willing to do ANYTHING for her friends. I adore, adore, adore Kat-Annie. ADOOOORE. Please don't ship them in fic, though, their friendship as a friendship gives me life.
Paz: I LOVE PAZ AND HER ROBOT ASSISTANT. I love how caring she is about animals! I love how she's willing to do hard things for the bigger picture. I love how she's just, you know, absolutely wonderful? I also love her swing-y dresses. I also love her genuine teenage awkwardness from time to time (and how genuinely pleased she is that Kat and she are dating!!).

Note: Very silly and easy to get ahold of movie.

I just, I love Queen Anne. I adore her, I genuinely do. She's so dignified yet real, and her mixture of genuine fear and fierce anger just. I love her, she is the best.

From Yuletide 2011:
I admire Queen Anne so much for her bravery and tenacity; she's insightful, and she wields what little power she has very carefully and well for someone so young. I really would like any fic about her -- childhood, shippy with Louis (awww), or younger with she and Louis, or her and her ladies in waiting :DDD. (Like, post-canon Anne and Constance finagling their side of war plans?? IDEK, go wild) I know historical Anne/Louis died in a spectacular flame-y wreck, but given this is alternate history land if we could avoid that it'd make me happy :).

What I love about Queen Anne (other than everything) is how aware she is of who she is, and the position she is in. She has very little in the way power, yet she sees the lines of power inside the court better than her husband; when the tide of power turns against her, she is not only clever she is brave even though she is justifiably terrified. She seems to genuinely love her husband, even though they don’t appear to know each other very well. She has the love and loyalty of her ladies in waiting.

I would love anything about Queen Anne; it could about her youth, her previous meeting with Buckingham (she clearly does not like him – why?), conversations between her and Candace, or adorable flirtation with King Louis, or honestly anything (not contradicting the important information above). I ship Anne/Louis, even though I realize historically there were some issues – I do see this as a totally different universe than ours, though if you want to use history to inform it, that’s all right, I just want their love to be shippy instead of die in flames the way the historical one did? <3.

Note: This is ALSO a short book!

Basically, I love both Awful and Catriona. I'd prefer to either have Awful-Catriona fic, or Awful by herself fic!

I REALLY LOVE MOTHER-DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIPS, especially complicated ones where they don't get each other but love each other anyway and each have their own issues.

From last year, with regards to Awful (but I'd be just as happy with Awful-Catriona!):

Oh goodness, basically I love everything about Awful? I'd love to see her as an adult, TAKING ON THE WORLD through investigative journalism or blogging or maybe deciding to be Sherlock Holmes.

Or Awful, not yet an adult but a few years on being. Um. Awful. BUT IN AN AMAZING WAY. I just I love her insecurity and anger and curiosity and blunt honesty and strong grasp on reality, and how she makes mistakes and it upsets her but she has a genuine love of the people she loves it just sort of turns out as cranky stomping.

Basically, anything with Awful where she runs around being herself and generally awesome and we get to see how she matures!

Thank you again, yuletider!
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