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Hello, Dear Yuleperson!

Thank you so much for writing for me <3. I’m new to all of these fandoms, and adore them, so I look forward to seeing what you do with them! My AO3 account is TLvop, for easy access :). Actual sign-up is in the comments section.

I’ve set up this letter as Triggers – Do Not Wants –General Likes/Dislikes—Fandom Specific babble & prompts. The only thing I ask you definitely pay attention to is the Triggers – the DNWs and General Dislikes are varying degrees of "generally no, but if the fic of your heart says yes, go for it".

Triggers: Non-consensual sexual interaction & anything under-18 sexual. My brain can get pretty ridiculous here, so please avoid on-screen sex/making out to be safe – you can feel free to hand-wave it off screen or fade to black early. Ryfkah (send a message on DW at skygiants) is a volunteered me-expert in this area, if you’re at all worried! She’s great, and you’ll be fine <3.

Do Not Want: Active mockery (versus brief, stated dislike) of either religion or atheism, stories without hope, graphic violence, major (non-canonical) character death, and break-ups of canon ships.

General Likes: Dogs, robots, AIs, world-building, cute flirting between established couples, friendship, stories that feel very grounded in the world they’re in. Happy stories, bittersweet stories, thoughtful stories, ridiculous romps, casefic, day-in-the-life, all-the-days-in-a-life ... all that good stuff. I also am totally cool with any person, tense, or style you choose to tell the fic in. I prefer the person/tense stay consistent unless you're switching between well-delineated sections, so my brain stays minimally confused :).

General Dislikes: Interpersonal tension between characters without established reasons in the plot; characters presented as being “just evil” without logic (it doesn’t have to be GOOD logic, just that the bad character is internally consistent and a person) – I feel a little weird saying this, because in detective stories (Thin Man) and sci-fi-"noir" (The Robot Series), humans being just kind of shitty because "... reasons!" is a given. That doesn’t bother me in those canons!

Back to the Future

Characters requested: Clara Clayton, Doc Brown, Einstein (Please feel free to not include Einstein if you choose to write about a time period before they retrieve him!)

Why I love this canon: I watched the Back to the Future movies for the first time in September! I genuinely believed I would be in for a let-down because of how excited everyone was to have me watch them, but despite some rough patches (PLEASE STOP LEAVING YOUR GIRLFRIEND UNCONCIOUS IN DANGEROUS PLACES, MARTY) I really, really enjoyed it, particularly the genuineness of the characters involved. I also really deeply enjoyed the 80s perception of the future, and how hopeful and dorkily costumed it is.

Why I love these characters: Clara is just the best. She’s honest, independent, forthright, clever, loyal, and she GOES FOR IT WHEN SHE WANTS SOMETHING (aka: Doc). Life goals *___*. I also love how she is both emotionally sensitive and very willing to put up her boundaries when it seems she’s being manipulated, while still being flexible enough to change her mind. With Doc, I love how earnest and also clueless he is? He’s so willing to help out, but he has NO IDEA how people actually work. I really adore how he creates these intricate models (then apologizes for them not being intricate enough!!) and comes up with crazy ideas that work, and is so quick to trust people even if doing so could endanger his reputation or life. Mostly I adore that he adores Clara, even though it’s clearly partially because she’s maybe the fifth woman he’s ever talked to (because, Doc, I promise – other women read Jules Verne). I love Einstein because he’s an adorable fluffy science dog, who makes every scene he is in 150% better by just existing.

Prompts (for general ideas – please go wherever you’d like): I’d love to see Clara and Doc’s adventures in turning the train into a time machine, or the trip they take on their eventual time-travelling honeymoon (to go see Jules Verne? To go into the far future and vacation on the moon???), or what made Doc change his mind about destroying the time machine and learn to embrace the ridiculous. What’s life like on the train? Do they take Einstein to ridiculous dog parks? DO CLARA AND EINSTEIN BOND??? What are Einstein’s opinions on this new additional family member (if you want to pop into the dog’s head!)? Does Clara get to go on any adventures where Doc is her sidekick?? How does she feel about the advancements in science? I’d even be totally cool with just her hanging out at the Smithsonian getting distracted by the learnings, not going to lie. I’m not sure I really want fic with Jules and Verne, but if they are of any interest to you please feel free to incorporate them!

Otto the Book Bear

Characters requested: Any nominated: Otto the Book Bear, Ernest the Book Bear, Fencing Dog, Fencing Crocodile (I would be happy to read about any one, or any combination of these characters! Please do not feel you need to include them all, though you definitely can!)

Why I love this canon: This is a story about a bear who lives in a book, and goes on a quest to find a new book when he’s left by himself. I found this canon in a library bookstore, and picked it up for my niece – and then was sorely tempted to keep it for myself! The art is incredibly charming and adorable, and the story is pretty much entirely about loving books. There’s so many small potential worldbuilding details, and the three environments (the house, the city, and the library) all offer potential for writing! A video with the entire canon (less than 5 minutes) can be found here.

Why I love these characters: I deeply love how adventurous and nerdy Otto is! When he’s left on his own, he decides to strike out into the world depicted in his favorite adventure books ready for his own adventure. I also love how much he likes being warm and with friends, when maybe adventuring is a little too much. I also, to be quite honest, adore how tiny he is? Here, look at him at a type writer and on his desk. Awwww. Ernest we see less of, but I really like how instantly welcoming he is! Also his snazzy fashion sense. He’s not surprised to meet another book bear, he’s happy to share his knowledge of the library and space in his book with Otto (assuming from the end illustration where they are snuggling). I love the Fencing Dog and Fencing Crocodile, because look at this they are a Fencing Dog and Fencing Crocodile ISN’T THAT THE MOST FABULOUS THING YOU HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. Also I love their capes lolol.

Prompts (for general ideas – please go wherever you’d like): What are some scenes from Otto’s adventure across the city? Does he miss any of that adventure once he’s found the library? Does he write his own book? What is life like for the illustrations at the library? Is there any hierarchy? Do they interact at all with the librarians (I could see this going either way!)? What is it like to be a book-creature? Are the Fencing Dog and Fencing Crocodile originally from the same book, or did they acquire their garb elsewhere to duel? Are they friends, or are they RIVALS? What does Ernest do around the library? How long has he been there? Who are his friends? Is he the only book bear other than Otto?

The Robot Series – Isaac Asimov

Character requested: Stephen Byerley

Why I love this canon: Wow, I have to admit, I’ve never actually read an Asimov book before ‘i, robot’! However, a friend lent me it, and I have fallen very in love with the universe of at least those stories—specifically with this character, Stephen Byerley! Please feel free to use information from other stories in this universe or not as you would like, but assume I don’t know the other books as I’m not sure I’ll be able to read them before stories come out!

Why I love this character: I love Stephen Byerley because he is a good man (even if he may not be a man) in a world increasingly cold to empathy, and he may be the most human character in his stories despite probably being a robot (but maybe not!). I also love his ethics – how dare you assume, by default, he’s not a civilian? I love characters who are willing to defend their own boundaries.

Prompts (for general ideas – please go wherever you’d like): How did he progress from small-town politician to leader of the world? What did that look like? Did his campaigns suffer any similar issues as in his original short story? What have his other meetings with Dr. Calvin looked like? What are his feelings on (standard) robots? I don’t need to know if Stephen Byerley is a robot -- though I honestly kind of assume he is, I would also be interested in a fic that explored why he isn’t but is just very ethically motivated to not prove that to the public. I’d also be interested to learn how his early life (specifically the car accident he recovered slowly from, and his life with his fiancée) affected his future in politics. If he is a robot, how did his early acclimation to human society work? Did he immediately jump into it, or was he raised more slowly to learn like a human by his "teacher"?

The Thin Man – Dashiell Hammett

Characters requested: Nick Charles, Nora Charles. As this is a canon I nominated, it is entirely my fault Asta did not make the list, but if you choose to include her I’d be thrilled!

Why I love this canon: I’ve always loved noir, and listened to some Hammett during a long roadtrip I took a few years ago – this was the first Hammett book I picked up, though, and I was immediately shocked to find a detective novel where the detective was happily married AND happily retired! SO MUCH HAPPINESS AND WELL-ADJUSTED LIVING! Dear yuleperson, I was shocked... and immediately in love with this couple. Note: This is for the book “The Thin Man,” though I did enjoy the film as well (I have not seen the rest in the series) and found the Nick & Nora there to be pretty much the same, even if the other characters changed.

Why I love these characters: Gosh, they just know each other so well? And don’t take each other’s crap? I love how Nora is just so genuinely fascinated by everything to do with the detective life and how convinced Nick is that it’s Not That Interesting. I also love how she maybe kind of convinces him it IS interesting by the end of the book. I also love how empathetic Nora is to the sufferings of Dorothy, and how Nick just kind of knows everyone involved whoops.

Prompts (for general ideas – please go wherever you’d like): Does Nora find a mystery, and how pleased is she to have found it first? How did Nick & Nora meet? Or possibly, Nora & Nick & Asta on their way home from New York, and how that didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped. Nora & Nick and picking out Asta to adopt!! Does the reason Nick left the Pinkertons ever catch up to them? Also: casefic! I’d also be totally happy here with weird alternate-setting AUs, like Steampunk Nick & Nora, or Nick & Nora (& Asta) IN SPAAAAAACE, or Nora & Nick As Pirates, or whatever goofy thing, as long as they were still clearly in personality & dynamic themselves.
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