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Triggers: Non-con/dub-con. To be safe, please no onscreen sex OR sexual fantasizing/dirty talk. Kissing/relatively mild making out is fine, if you feel like writing it.

Please no unasked for ships (unasked for gen is totally fine); I'm more than happy with more than one relationship in a fic, and also perfectly happy if you focus on only one!

Feel free to see the post before this (my yuletide letter) for more general non-canon-specific babble :).

My username on AO3 is TLvop.

The Unusuals

Media: Fanfic

Requested Relationships: Allison Beaumont & Henry Cole, Henry Cole/Amy Burch


I love this canon for how it takes common caricatures (or uncommon caricatures, like Alvarez) and fleshes them out into being real people as the season goes on, so they’re solid beings in this ridiculous landscape. I love all of Second Squad, but these are the members I have the most interest in!


Alison Beaumont: I absolutely love Beaumont! She’s such a protective person, and so clearly used to living on her own wit even though all of her friends are more than willing to chip in. She’s so generally warm and inviting to Schraeger immediately. I also love her sense of humor, and how delighted she is whenever people attempt a joke to make her laugh. I do ship her with Jason Walsh, but if you’d rather not just don’t mention her or Walsh with anyone else and I’ll be cool :)

Henry Cole: I love how sincerely kind Cole is (helping the old lady!), and how completely conflicted he is about his past when it comes up. If you touch on it, please be respectful of Cole’s faith. He’s obviously still trying to find his footing (how much of how he acts is due to his beliefs, and how much of how he acts is performative), but I do see his belief as sincere.

Amy Burch: We don’t get to see Amy much, but what we do see of her shows her to be a resourceful and dedicated woman, and SO ADORABLE oh my goodness. If you do write her, please be respectful of her faith.


Allison Beaumont & Henry Cole: OH MY GOODNESS, Beaumont & Cole! They are the cutest sibling partners ever! I love how much they know each other, despite being very different personalities who often don’t properly UNDERSTAND each other, and I would love to see anything with them dealing with problems. A new case, organizing Cole’s wedding, Beaumont attempting a bachelor party that Cole will enjoy, Cole helping Beaumont if she decides to ever host something and he gets (not too reluctantly) recruited, really anything.

Henry Cole/Amy Burch: We don’t see these two kids much together, but I get the feeling they don’t know each other very well despite genuinely liking each other a lot. I think they’re really cute, and anything with Cole having to be more vulnerable about his identity with Amy, or them going on a picnic, or anything really would be delightful. You could go really fluffy here, or dig into stuff, but either way I would be absolutely delighted.

*Allison Beaumont & Amy Burch: Totally optional, but if you’d like -- I LOVE the idea of these two women getting to know each other and be friends! It seemed to be in the short (very awkward) interaction between Amy and Beaumont in the series that Beaumont ended up totally charmed by her. Amy visiting Allison in the hospital! Beaumont helping design BOTH Cole’s bachelor party AND convincing Amy to let her take her out for a bachelorette party (which ends up having more cocktails and dancing than Cole’s, probably). Amy having to help Beaumont on a case? Or maybe Beaumont has to BAKE COOKIES for something and is like “hELP” and they have a crash course in how to make stuff for bake sales. Anything would be lovely.

Mission: Impossible (Movies)

Media: Fanfic

Requested Relationships: Ethan Hunt/Julia Meade, Ilsa Faust & Ethan Hunt


I love the good-natured action of this series! The sections are bigger here than the other ones, because you see the characters less on screen so I feel I need to babble more, but I am neither more nor less excited to see these than the others!


Ethan Hunt: I find Ethan so interesting, specifically in how he doesn’t draw your eye until he’s in motion – then you can’t look away. I love how he interacts with his teammates in every iteration of the movies (except the 2nd one, where he’s more James Bond knockoff than Ethan Hunt?? Not sure what happened there. I can sort of recognize him, but not much), and how caring he is towards innocents. Also from the third movie on, I see Ethan as Very Married. It doesn’t really come up, he just... is.

Julia Meade: So there was this time I hadn’t seen Mission Impossible 3 (this summer), and I had NO IDEA how entirely bereft I was of the experience of knowing JULIA MEADE. She’s such a practical, pragmatic romantic and I love her for it. She knows Ethan, even if she doesn’t know what he’s up to right now. She’s clever enough to know it’s probably not entirely legal, but she knows he’s trustworthy. So... she decides to trust him. That’s probably the bravest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do, and I love her for it. I also adore how cool she is under pressure – is she a former paramedic? Did she just work ER for ages? My only preference with Julia is that she be normal, not secretly an agent herself. Also, if you’re here for Ilsa & Ethan (WHICH IS GREAT) and haven’t seen the 3rd movie, SEE IIIIIT you don’t have to in order to write anything it’s just SO GOOD I promise. It’s creepydark in places, but GREAT.

Ilsa Faust: I love what little we see of Ilsa! She’s so competent, and has so many loyalties she’s not entirely sure how to sort out. She’s in many ways a Good Person, who’s deeply loyal to her country, and it’s so hard to see that used against her in the film. I love how brutal she is in her fighting, even as a lithe dancer person. She doesn’t take survivors, and I love that about her. I also really enjoyed that while she was dressed in plenty of attractive outfits, she’s not used specifically as a seductress in any way either by MI6 or by her boss.


Ethan Hunt/Julia Meade: I love how normal Ethan and Julia are! Anything about their relationship pre-the third movie (how their first meeting actually met; how Ethan fell for her; how SHE fell for Ethan), or anything post-canon. If you have to have one of them just contemplating their relationship, I’d prefer Julia’s contemplation to Ethan’s, but honestly I love these two most in interaction with each other. Post-fourth movie, do they still keep in touch? Do they have random one-off encounters in bookshops? DO THEY EXCHANGE POSTCARDS AT DEAD DROPS, or through Luther? I love the idea of them still seeing themselves as entirely married. They got married!

Ilsa Faust & Ethan Hunt: I adore Ilsa and Ethan as platonic spy soulmates, who fascinate each other so much. Their quick loyalty to each other is really interesting! I’d love to see Ethan & Ilsa on adventures (even ROAD TRIP ADVENTURES if you don’t want a big plot), especially if they make the worst life choices while doing so. I’d also love to see them attempt Normal Life if Ilsa is in the process of TRYING TO BE NORMAL DAMMIT when Ethan finds her. Also, I said it as a joke, but actual road trip adventures would be great. Ilsa at a carnival with Ethan. Them competing for who can seem the most realistically terrible at carnival games. Anything, haha, and legit any setting. You could put a scene in a Walmart and if it had these kids, I’d be happy. (Please no pining or ship-fic)

*Julia Meade & Ilsa Faust: You can absolutely ignore this if you’d like, but I would be so fascinated by Julia & Ilsa interacting. Is Ilsa bewildered by this competent friendly nurse lady who somehow knows she’s a spy within a day? Does Julia welcome more random spies, or is she incredibly suspicious? Do they meet randomly, or by accident? Does Ilsa befriend her to try to get Ethan to notice her because she needs help, and Julia misinterpret it as A TRAP and get very protective on her spy husband’s behalf? DO THEY JUST DRINK COFFEE AND HAVE A GOOD TIME? Any of these things. Any other things.

Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling

Media: Fanfic

Requested Relationships: Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood, Luna Lovegood & Ginny Weasley


I keep trying to verbalize why I love this canon, and keep ending up with “it’s HARRY POTTER!!!” This canon is so comfortably home to me, even its disasters and dramas. I realize there’s more set pieces than genuine world-building, but for some reason when it comes to Harry Potter I just don’t mind :).


Luna Lovegood: I absolutely adore Luna. She's so thoughtful, and she pays so much attention. She definitely sees things that might not be there (magical cryptids!), but she ALSO sees things that are there and nobody else notices -- she can tell people's true selves, and trust in their true selves when no one else does. It's a very quiet sort of heroism, and I love it.

Neville Longbottom: I love how Neville is true to what he believes whether or not he has the ability to enact his beliefs. In many ways he reminds me of Steve Rogers (Captain America) in that what makes him heroic is not when he becomes able to wield a sword -- he's always been just that heroic. I love how unglamorous he is about it, and how he's going to be the first person to lay down his weapon and go back to rebuilding things.

Ginny Weasley: I love how brave Ginny is! She was scared for so long, and she utterly refuses to be scared anymore, and it's glorious. She's such a determined person, and I delight in that! I love, too, how while she has many important people in her life (she's not at all a lone wolf), she doesn't seem to view them as trapping her in anything. She does what she wants; she's just conscious of the effect it might have on others.

FOR EITHER: What if Luna Lovegood can see people's daemons??

Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood: I would absolutely adore anything with Neville & Luna -- I think Luna could very easily talk him into taking an expedition with her, either during their school days into the Forbidden Forest, or after they graduate taking a break and investigating the Redwoods or something. It'd be great. I'd also love to see anything during their school days -- either Dumbledore's Army, or fall-out from the battle of Hogwarts, or something much quieter and cozier. Luna seems to have known Neville was a hero before he did, and Neville always seems to have appreciated Luna quicker than the others.

Luna Lovegood & Ginny Weasley: I find Luna and Ginny so fascinating! They're entirely opposites in some ways -- Luna is quieter, and slower to react to Ginny's quick stereotypically Gryffindor get-into-the-mix attitude. Despite that, they seem like they would have fascinating conversations. I'd also be okay with these two out on expedition, haha! Or Luna going to one of Ginny's Quidditch games after they've graduated, or anything like that :).

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