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TLvop on AO3, dictator_duck on LJ.

Hi! This is a journal I don't use except to post in a couple comms, and write up letters for exchanges, basically.

A series of adjectives that fits me: well-intentioned, friendly, distractible, sickly, over-confident, loyal, and scrappy. My memory is also compleeeete shit, so if there's something you vaguely feel you should poke me about PLEASE DO. I have probably forgotten!

Thanks <3. Also, I can best be reached at the above e-mail *points upwards*.


So you know: I am autistic! This means I suck at cues, and if you don't say things bluntly I will probably miss them. On the other hand, I do not take offense at things said bluntly.

I would really appreciate it if you respect normal trigger etiquette (check out the triggers at if you want to know what I mean by normal as I feel anxious writing them out! Sorry.) on my journal! This means either not discussing these topics or forewarning in the subject line. I would also appreciate if you didn't call me stupid! I have brain damage and it freaks me out. I do make mistakes, like everyone, and it's cool to point that out -- it's the specific stupidity thing that's a problem.
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