Have been forced to update.

Um, absences past two weeks were due to Summer Drama Camp. Was much fun, finished the play today, yay. :D

Applied for the Glendale Moezart stuff for the fall semester, as they have Speech&Debate as well, and my mum wants me to take that (we don't have it in our group next semester).


...sleep? Please?

I finished my play on Saturday, and it was muchfun, as well as being better than we were fearing, :)!  Am now suffering from post-production angst, but that's fairly normal (as in: 'oh no...what if I never see them again? *flails and clings to the only person she thinks is a senior, who would be Peter {he's our herald, steward, secret service, bodyguard, and...um.  Several other things, probably}, and other people if they're seniors too. Which they better not be, flail*'  and '*has bereft feeling which one gets after spending 35 hours in one week with a group of people and suddenly they're GONE*'), and I hope to be over it soon.

It was yay, though, and Kenzie came to see it, and spent the night! Teeeeg came to see it (but not on Saturday. Friday, I think?), and we complained about Sam's unhusbandly qualities.  Erm. We were kind of loud, XD.  (my only line is "I wish I hadn't married Sam!".  Oh! And "I wish I were a bolder girl"), And Caliiire came to see it, many times.  Er...Friday, Saturday matinee, and Saturday evening, I believe.  She was our biggest fan! *XD*

Um.  And I've been basically putting off homework due to production week and am now swamped in it. Glee. >.<

Rightio. So. Er. XD. That's all, y'all

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