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I posted an Avengers/Doctor Who crossover fic! It is here:

Keep Your Knees Bent; Roll With It (Or: Darcy's Job Situation Is Complicated

It is based on a prompt about Darcy being an ex-Companion, and how S.H.I.E.L.D. and U.N.I.T. both want to employ her. (But my fic itself is mostly about Darcy finding a place to fit in. Plus: drinks with River.)

It is G, and has no pairings (except implied Doctor/River)!


Aug. 28th, 2011 05:22 pm
I wrote a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood fic for fma_ladyfest for the lovely Marog ([ profile] aamalie)! It is on AO3 and on LJ.

Title: Diagramma
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Gracia Hughes
Summary: These are the lines that mark out a life. Gracia’s backstory and present-day ponderings (framing story is post-canon).
Notes: I have super-awesome betas (bookelfe, genarti, and Kerioth [not on LJ]). Hey guys!!
I don't know how many of you like Gundam Wing fic, but I got one for the gwficexchange, and it is a great meeting between Relena and Hilde immediately post-Episode 49. I was hoping for awesome interaction between the women of Gundam Wing, and this has certainly provided :D. 'A Chance in Friendship," PG, Hilde Schbeiker, Relena Peacecraft Darlian'

For anyone who's been concerned: health is currently being managed, but I'll make a longer post when I have the energy to keep you guys updated. It'll probably be F-locked. <333

I wrote a fic in Lord of the Rings fandom about a year ago and posted it on AO3 (here), but I figured I should post it here as well in case anyone would like to read it :). It was for a class, and basically explores Smeagol's early life with the use of his people's stories/history.

Title: The Days Before The Days After
Fandom: Lord of the Rings books pre-canon, based mostly on the appendices and other sources.
Characters: Young Gollum (as Smeagol), brief appearance of Aragorn/Strider.
Rating: G
Summary: Young Sméagol watched, and he listened; he paid attention to the words people spoke and the clothes that they wore and the places they came from. He held them all in his mind, and thought upon them when he had chance to daydream in the shade of the willow-trees.
Wordcount: 1,845
Note: Thank you to Becca (bookelfe) for the beta after the class :)


By the shores of the river Gladden, things would come. )


Here's my actual yuletide reveal post, vs. my brief sketching out of one.


warning: here there be talking )

General comments: yuletide this year was overall great, though in some ways incredibly disheartening. I still feel kind of like I "failed" it but in the long run I am happy with the fics I wrote (and got an amazing fic in return <3! thanks, [ profile] nextian :D!) even though I worry that they might've not served their intended purpose.

Also, some people have mentioned vaguely that I should go back and add "character of color" tags to my two yuletide madness fic as both Astrid and Agent Ellison are African-American. I am not sure if I should do this, and would like your advice? I kind of wrote it disregarding race, as I know my privelege, lack of real knowledge, etc. makes writing-while-regarding kind of a minefield? And I don't want to claim it as CoC fic on that basis? But at the same time, maybe I should because they are.




I builded a fic but I eated it:

Carry on.


PS: there are some slight grammar/formatting issues that are bugging me but yuletide does not let you edit post-submission and I didn't catch them until this reread!!! Please forgive. <3
These were technically supposed to not revolve around Milliways, but all three (and cameos) are Milliways pups so PLEASE FORGIVE ANY VOICE SLAUGHTERING. Also, I'd forgotten too much of Elda's canon so I stole IRL and Milliways and made a fic of it! :D! 

Mitt )


Elda )


Joris )
Becca has been forcing me to watch Ouran Host Club, and thus I wrote really short fic. ENABLER.

Ouran Host Club = a crazy anime of crazy. This is set two years before canon, and thus Mori and Honey are sophomores. This is what I use as my excuse for possibly they are not quite characterized properly because they have not fully manipulated themselves into stereotypes or something yet so. YES. *shuts up*

Heroes and Cake ).

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