Because some memes make me smile! (Stolen from bookelfe. LJ apparently disbelieves she is a user and I cannot remember how to link to LJ users on my own >.>. So...yes. HER.)

Comment and I'll tell you something I like about you!
(fair warning: it's eloquence might be a little lacking but <3)
"Which five authors would you say have most influenced the way you write/think about writing, and what have they taught you?"

My five authors, in no particular order: Terry Pratchett, Diana Wynne Jones, Neil Gaiman, C.S. Lewis, JRR Tolkien

PTerry has taught me even serious stories have an inherent absurdity--and even the most absurd stories can give you an insight into serious matters.
DWJ has taught me that people who have great destinies are still people and real and flawed, but that doesn't make them any less heroic
Gaiman has taught me that there is something inherently mystic and awful about the nature of belief and how that shapes the people in that world
Lewis has taught me that universes have rules that must be followed (and the deep love of the parentheses)
Tolkien has taught me how much beauty there is in a logical progression of things, a system that weaves together a tale because there's no toher way it could go--that it's the inherent rightness of the world

Go forth, and answer it for yourselves! :D

ETA: You do not necessarily have to have what you've been taught highly expressed in your actual writing--I'd be a much better writer, for example, if it was. Also, writers can be any sort of writer you can imaigne--if you're more into film or television it can be scriptwriters or idea-people, or people who write comics, whatever. :)

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