I am very, very easy to hurt emotionally. Mostly because my logic tends to be me-centered instead of you-centered (you being general).

So (in my mind/emotional process) if you don't do something unimportant you said you would, it's not because a) you're busy b) you just forgot c) something else innocuous, it's because I've done something to annoy you and you hate me and I'm a horrible person who is always going to mess friendships up.

Over-melodramatic, I know, but it's honestly how I respond to things. Mostly because half the time irl it's been true.

So when you say you'll do something, do it. Or give qualifiers before hand, or let me know when it's being delayed why it is and when it is being delayed until and then meet that deadline.

Please. I am really effing sick of driving myself to tears because people've forgotten little things they told me they'd do months ago.

and feel free to call me on when I do this, and poke me to continue. There ARE legitimate reasons lots of times, for me as well as you guys though I just suck at recognizing it in other people, so POKE ME. Because I don't want to make anyone else feel this bad, and I don't want to forget anyone. If you want to give permission for me to poke you too, that'd be nice, but I won't without permission. Because probably most of the time you guys honestly don't want to do whatever you said you would.

Thanks for listening to my ramble. Sorry for being stupid.

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