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Hello, Yuletide Writer!

Thank you so much for writing a fic for me! My AO3 account is TLvop for easy access :). I'm sorry if this letter is a little lower on content/energy than previous ones, or at all uneven (this journal is basically just exchange letters, so feel free to go snooping) -- I'm having a mixed bag (balancing out to goodish) but exhausting few weeks! I'm a pretty easy recipient, and I like a ton of things, but I'm totally fine with you ignoring my prompts or only picking/choosing as long as you avoid my triggers (listed before the cut). Please write whatever strikes your fancy! And if writing my fic causes you any level of Not Fun Stress, please don't feel you're doing poorly by me if you default -- your mental health > this fanfic. <3

Also, the fandoms are listed alphabetically -- not by desire to get them! I pruned my list to only things I'd be delighted by :). My fandom prompts and notes are often spoiler-y, so... heads-up?


I really only have one trigger (non-con/dub-con/threats of the same), but many other things can set it off. Therefore, I would appreciate if you avoid "on-screen" sexual encounters, including dirty talk. Early "fade to black"s and kissing are generally fine, especially in relationships that are already established in the fic's timeline or are known to be happily established in canon if you're writing a prequel. Please also avoid discussed incest, under-18 sex, cross-generational (like "I knew you when you were a child") sex, and mentioned childhood sexual abuse (I don't believe this is canon for any of the characters I requested this year -- if it is, and you'd like to discuss it, please just add a warning tag). ALSO -- this is not always a trigger, but I would appreciate a warning for suicide if it comes up. Ryfkah (e-mail at ryfkah AT gmail DOT com) is a volunteered me-expert in this area, if you’re at all worried! She’s great, and you’ll be fine <3.

DNWSs & General likes/dislikes )

The Thrilling Adventure Hour (Beyond Belief) )

Hail Caesar! (2016) )

Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) )

Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) )
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Hello, Dear Yuleperson!

Thank you so much for writing for me <3. I’m new to all of these fandoms, and adore them, so I look forward to seeing what you do with them! My AO3 account is TLvop, for easy access :). Actual sign-up is in the comments section.

I’ve set up this letter as Triggers – Do Not Wants –General Likes/Dislikes—Fandom Specific babble & prompts. The only thing I ask you definitely pay attention to is the Triggers – the DNWs and General Dislikes are varying degrees of "generally no, but if the fic of your heart says yes, go for it".

Triggers: Non-consensual sexual interaction & anything under-18 sexual. My brain can get pretty ridiculous here, so please avoid on-screen sex/making out to be safe – you can feel free to hand-wave it off screen or fade to black early. Ryfkah (send a message on DW at skygiants) is a volunteered me-expert in this area, if you’re at all worried! She’s great, and you’ll be fine <3.

The rest! )
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Quick Summary
AO3 Username: TLvop
Fandoms: Eight Days of Luke (Diana Wynne Jones)-Astrid Price; Gunnerkrigg Court - Anja Donlan, Kat Donlan, Paz Cadena-Blanco; The Three Musketeers (2011) - Queen Anne; Archer's Goon (Diana Wynne Jones) - Awful Sykes, Catriona Sykes.
Major tropes/interests: female-female friendship/mentorship, found family, gen (non-romance centered stories), robots, world-building... there's a lot more listed below.
Triggers? Sexual content (Further detail listed below!)


HELLO, Dear Yuletider!

I see you have great taste (:D)! My other letters are on my Yuletide tag if you want them, but this forward section and the Diana Wynne Jones prompts are almost word-for-word that of my 2013.

I feel the need to let you know that if at any time for any reason you are stressed/upset/uninspired, you are not letting me down if you don't participate in the festival. Let the mods know as early as possible, and take care of yourself! Your mental health is more important than my fic, and I requested a lot of Diana Wynne Jones so the pinch hit list will be on that like... Diana Wynne Jones fans. For obvious reasons.

Triggers: pretty much any sexual content can trigger me (particularly with an unknown writer), no matter how consensual. Nothing beyond light kissing, including no discussion of more intimate things, thank you :). Please feel free to use whatever warning tags you wish, but it may take me longer to read a story tagged Author Chooses Not To Use Archive Warnings due to anxiety regarding unknowns :).

Everything below this line is totally ignorable :O. :D


General Likes and Dislikes )

Eight Days of Luke (Astrid Price) )

Gunnerkrigg Court (Anja Donlan, Kat Donlan, Paz Cadena-Blanco) )

The Three Musketeers (2011) (Queen Anne) )

Archer's Goon (Awful Sykes, Catriona Sykes) )

Thank you again, yuletider!
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TL note: As before, my best friend (Kerioth on AO3) still refuses to get a DW account just for yuletide, haha. Here is her letter for 2014.


Dear awesome Yuletide author,

First of all, thank you so much! I’m really happy you offered to write for one (or more?) of my fandoms, and I hope this letter helps you with the first part of that process.

In general, what you need to know about me is that I prefer gen or het stories, definitely nothing above “PG-13.” I also prefer happy or hopeful endings to stories, and stories that are true to canon in levels of violence and/or romance. Some of my notes are pretty specific, but I’ve tried to give you at least 2 or 3 different ideas for each canon in the hope that something I have to say here will spark your interest. Happy writing!

Oxford Time Travel - Connie Willis (Ned Henry, Verity Kindle) )
SKET Dance (Bossun, Himeko) )

Old Kingdom - Garth Nix (Sabriel, Touchstone) )
Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy Sayers (Peter, Harriet) )

Thank you again!

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Dearest Yuletider (hi!!),

I see you have great taste! My other letters are on my Yuletide tag if you want them. I feel the need to let you know that if at any time for any reason you are stressed/upset/uninspired, you are not letting me down if you don't participate in the festival. Let the mods know as early as possible, and take care of yourself! Your mental health is more important than my fic, and I requested a lot of Diana Wynne Jones so the pinch hit list will be on that like... Diana Wynne Jones fans. For obvious reasons.

Triggers: pretty much any sexual content can trigger me (particularly with an unknown writer), no matter how consensual. Light pg13 to be safe in sexual areas would be awesome thanks. Otherwise I am mostly ok with things, but ableism specifically towards worthlessness/uselessness/bootstraps can hit me pretty hard too. Please tag with the warnings tags - if you choose not to warn, that's fine, but I might be late to reading and commenting depending on my emotional state re: unknowns.

Everything below this line is totally ignorable :O. :D

General likes and dislikes ( aka ignorable :D) )

Below are my raw requests from my sign up :)
A Tale of Time City (world building or random plot) )

Archer's Goon (Awful Sykes) )

The Dalemark Quartet (Libby Beer (with relief pitcher Dagner)) )

Eight Days of Luke (Astrid Price) )

Silver Hawk (Lisa Hayashi) )
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I has got yuletide fics! they are pretty. Thank you authors <3333

In Dalemark Quartet I got: Rebuilding, a post-Crown of Dalemark look at Alk and the Countess's relationship, featuring Brid being awesome :D.

In The Dark is Rising, I got Jane-fic! Folk Art of the Ocean is a look at Jane grown-up, filled with that vague sense of things not-quite remembered, but still treasured.

Both of my authors had to pick me out of a crowd this year 'cause I didn't get matched with anyone, so THANK YOU SO MUCH <333333333. I really love your fics!
Dear Yuletide Writer <3 (/other kind individuals who might stumble past!),

I love you lots!  Please feel free to regard/disregard anything in here except what is under Important. Everything else is just to spark potential thoughts, etc.! :) Thank you. I have included the prompts in underline; they are mildly redundant, but also include unique stuff, so feel free to read as much/little as you like :).

I find ableism, sexual assault/harrassment, and bullying triggering.  I find other –isms distressing but I know they can appropriately express the view of the character; I hope in that case you can show the narration doesn’t agree? Please check with if you’re worried about the fic, as she is a volunteered me-expert.

My AO3 name is TLvop, and this is my journal so feel free to look around! The 'yuletide' tag has stuff from previous years. (Kerioth is a friend of mine without a journal to host her letter.)

I don’t read over PG-13, either, especially for sexual things, as it tends to set off my anxieties even if the acts are consensual. Thanks, <3.

Less importantly, I would like a neutral-to-happy fic for this yuletide. :). I love thinky or bittersweet-neutral fics, but I really would rather not cry.
The Letter :D )

I wrote three fics for this yuletide! 2 full length, and 1 madness! I think it only summed up to about 2500 words this year, which is kind of hilariously little over 3 fics, but I had a good time! (Check my recs post for the awesome fic I had written for me by [ profile] greenlily !)

My main: Mnimoniko (or 'Remembrance/Memory' in Greek) for DQbunny, Queen’s Thief canon. It is about a pretty minor character in the fourth book, in post-canon, and his discussion with his goddess. Labellementeuse gets a lot of credit for helping me brainstorm for this! :DDD. She also beta’d, and is awesome.

My full-length treat: though the fig tree does not bud (Habakkuk 3:17) for a_q, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles canon. It’s about Sarah Connor after John Connor leaves to explore the future, and how her life progresses from there on out. I totally used it as a reason to liberally spread biblical references because, hello, this is T:SCC. :PP. I used Habakkuk because I like saying it’s name, and what I remembered of it seemed to fit what was going on :). Hradzka, presentpathos, genarti, shaticordia, and varadia were all super helpful with this <3.

My madness treat: Minna Korobo ('Everyone falls down' [?] in Japanese, according to wiki — end of Ring Around the Rosie [which I know had no relation to the black plague but I was at my wit's end ok! <3]) for Pareidolia, Black Butler anime canon. It’s a pre-canon look at Sebastian (a demon) as a plague doctor, based on an offhand mention he makes in canon that he was responsible for bringing the Black Plague to Europe. Thanks to Strixus for letting me dig around for information :DDD and Kindness for beta-ing! WARNING: THIS FIC WAS RUSHED AND YOU CAN TELL.
Quick – Dearest friends who I can connect to the stories you wrote, I am not reccing you because despite the fact that I love your fics it makes me feel weird (also because I hate you, naturally <3). Also, when I had more stories I loved than I could deal with, I limited myself to those with low comments. I still posted this long before I covered everything I loved, though, because of basic tiredness!

The story written for me is asterisk’d and awesome :D.

Things with double asterisks you can read without knowing canon at all (though you can read the others, too :P. UNLESS IT IS QUEEN’S THIEF THEY WILL SPOIL YOU FOREVER.)

Fire & Hemlock – Diana Wynne Jones

like the castle in its corner *, my gift so TERRIBLY LONG REC but it deserves every word! <3 )
Gunnerkrigg Court

The Wheel and The Serpent**, A Terrible Revelation (Madness) )
The Queen’s Thief – Megan Whalen Turner


Subtle Comforts, Silver Moonlight, The Ambassador's King (Bonus Yuletide 2009!) )
Spirited Away

Along the Way ** )
Spy vs. Spy

Spy vs. Spy Who Came In From The Cold ** )
Ursula Vernon – Works

The Grace of the Golem Keeper **, documents gathered during the canonization inquiry for Saint Azul ** )

First of all: you are a rockstar, or other awesome being of your choice!


:DDDDDD. <3. We will get along well, dearest of yulepersons


I will expound this later when I am less frustrated at LJ! But under PG-13 (unless R for darkness/themes) = awesome!

Also I love cheerful fics, and thoughtful fics, and bittersweet fics, and things with worldbuilding, and accuracy in research, and explorations of who characters are. (I also, somewhat contradictorily, like fics that never quite tell you the whole story, though it's clear the author knows it. See: Fire and Hemlock!)

I do not like sexism/homophobic-ness/other -isms/racism/ableism, though really only the last will totally destroy my ability to read the fic. I ask if you use any of them, you use it thoughtfully and in-character (for instance, Mitt is a misogynistic classist. It's canon). I can't stand if it's supported by the narrative, though.

I do not read porn; relatedly, in most instances I vastly prefer gen to shipfic. I do not mind romance, but it rarely seems to me to add to the story rather than become a story about romance? So if you want to write it, you can, but make sure it illumines who the characters are :).

Oh, and: my triggers are violence done to children, and men using their social power over women. Very specific, I know, but it's probably good to let you know! The latter is fuzzy, so really don't worry about it if you are going "is this it???"  I'll probably be okay! Run it past the person below, though, if you want to be sure :).

Also you can ping Becca (bookelfe on AIM) or send her an e-mail at if you ever have any questions. She has told me she is willing to act as the expert on TL. (She IS a me-expert. It is somewhat terrifying, if useful)


My requests! )


Here's my actual yuletide reveal post, vs. my brief sketching out of one.


warning: here there be talking )

General comments: yuletide this year was overall great, though in some ways incredibly disheartening. I still feel kind of like I "failed" it but in the long run I am happy with the fics I wrote (and got an amazing fic in return <3! thanks, [ profile] nextian :D!) even though I worry that they might've not served their intended purpose.

Also, some people have mentioned vaguely that I should go back and add "character of color" tags to my two yuletide madness fic as both Astrid and Agent Ellison are African-American. I am not sure if I should do this, and would like your advice? I kind of wrote it disregarding race, as I know my privelege, lack of real knowledge, etc. makes writing-while-regarding kind of a minefield? And I don't want to claim it as CoC fic on that basis? But at the same time, maybe I should because they are.


Pst. Also go read if you haven't! It's an obscure fandom, but the rec is for an AMAZING FIC.


The Dark Is Rising


Three recs! )


Lord Peter Wimsey/Doctor Who

Rec about the awesome crossover of awesome! )

Dearest Yuletider,

Don't panic! I babble a lot out of love, not out of a desire to impose restrictions or anything *flutters*. Whatever you write I will love, seriously. My parents will wake up to hear me squealing and it will be awesome :D! In which I babble sleep dep'dly for entirely too long :) )
(Also, if you are totally lost on what I mean by anything or need help prompting I'd suggest pinging some people who know basically all there is to know about my fanfic habits! Two of the three:

Name: Gen, AIM: Zebosity
Name: Rym, who needs to be LJ-messaged (she's the first comment below)

I will ask the other for permission next time I see her online :D)
The Company Series: Entartete Kunst

In which I talk lots )

Princess Tutu: En Pointe

Lemme tell you a long rambly story. )
Hi dearest author-of-mine! I hope you get to read this! I really have no further requests beyond what I requested in the requests thing (yay, word repetition >.>)but THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing!

Just so you know, I usually like stuff that's a little introspective about relationships/every-day scenes that highlight interaction between characters and stuff, but if that is not your style no big!

Thanks again!

-TL, she who procrastinates
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