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Dear Crossovering Writer 2016

Triggers: On-screen sexual content (including dirty talk), and off-screen non/dub-con or underage or incest. Kissing is generally okay, if 100% consensual. Please warn for suicide if you choose to include it.

First: Thank you so much! I'm sure I will love what you write :). Besides the triggers, there's really no need to follow any prompts I'm giving. I'm listing this in form of THINGS I LIKE, THINGS I DISLIKE, and then WHY I LIKE EACH CANON (along with fav characters), and then a series of prompts for each request. This... this is going to get long, fair warning.

THINGS I LIKE: Character-driven plots, character interactions, both slice-of-life fic and plotty fic, both short and long fic, making canons fit together. Romance is nice, but I am more interested in plots that are driven by other things even if it is still there. I love friends, and friendships, and thoughtful partnerships, and also on the flip side characters who are just the WORST at feelings and keep forgetting to pay attention to them. Robots. Puppies. Worldbuilding (which in my brain is less "create ALL the things," and more "how would they do x in y universe?" or in the case of fusions "how would technology from universe 1 changed the process we see in universe 2?") I'm okay with fairly dark stories (in canons that call for it), but I prefer happyish endings -- or at least ones with a daub of hope. 

THINGS I DISLIKE: Fandom in-jokes (I usually don't know them), villains who are only villainous Because Reasons, character bashing. I'd rather you didn't "force fix" the problems of one canon with the other, or upstage the world. For example, not having some overpowered piece of equipment from AOS kill all the kaiju in Pacific Rim in one go :). Also, darkness for the sake of darkness isn't fun for me.


I absolutely ADORE Peggy Carter, and Jarvis, and Ana Jarvis, and Stark, and Sousa, and Dottie Underwood, and Wilkes, and Frost, and Rose, and Violet.  BASICALLY I LOVE EVERYBODY IN THIS CANON. I mostly love the mystery-ish nature, and the wonderful character interaction, and the PEGGY CARTER IN FABULOUS PANT SUITS. I also love the friendships? Also, to be honest, anything with Mr. Jarvis/Mrs. Jarvis or just Mrs. Jarvis Being Great is likely to make me swoon happily.


I adore Melinda May. Her interaction with ANYONE and EVERYONE brings me light and joy. Otherwise, my absolute favorite things about A.O.S. are the many friendships (particularly Fitz & Simmons, Fitz & Daisy, Daisy & Jemma, Bobbi & Mack, May & Coulson, OH NO MAYBE JUST EVERY FRIENDSHIP??? Oh, and Hunter & May lolol and May & Bobbi <3 <3), and the amount of good-intentioned attempts to be a hero and the moral grayness (what, good-ish people disagreeing with each other about the right thing to do??) and the willingness to look at the boring parts of saving the universe with the dives into the exciting bits.


I am ALL IN for BttF 3, but I love all of these movies. I absolutely adore Doc and Marty's friendship, and I love Einstein as the BEST SCIENCE DOG IN ALL THE LAND, and I love love love the weird parallels and echoing plot arcs across movies. Clara is my absolute favorite character in the series, but if you can't include her that's okay! I just love her curiosity and go-getterness.


Start at the beginning! All episodes are here (and labelled "beyond belief"):

I love the fact that this show is so willing to just BE ITSELF, even when itself is a weird drunken fairytale romance about two supernatural detectives who just! keep! having to work???! Sadie Doyle and her surprising competence SO delight me, and her friendship with Donna is just the jam. Pterodactyl Jones is a fantastic noir rip off and I keep giggling at the idea of him interacting with a more normal canon. This canon is easy to blend with others because the supernatural elements are all in the background of society, so the characters could easily have just failed to notice!

Also, I am cool with you saying Beyond Belief takes place in absolutely any time period because I don't think the show knows when it actually is set. Donna Henderson is an 80s/90s soccer mom, and Sadie Doyle is a lady of Classic Hollywood Elegance, and it's actually Donna who's the vampire. Soooo. So. Yeah.


Rita Vrataski murders all the monsters??? I also love Cage's character arc of being forcibly molded into a heroic archetype. He fits the mold so, so poorly but good Lord he tries. I love Rita-as-cranky-mentor, and I love the idea of a world so on the brink that the only chance of human survival is luck. They have to be badasses, and they have to break the timestream, and they have to be the luckiest damn bastards in existence. ALSO I LOVE J SQUAD.


Oh, gosh. I have this tendency to sum up my favorite movies as "stupid action with smart characterization," and aside from MI2 this series of movies DELIVERS on that hardcore. I love the interactions, I love watching Ethan Hunt grow from his tiny babyfaced innocence to his strengthening idealism and internal morality (even if his internal morality is not as reliable as he thinks it is). My favorite non-protag characters are Julia Meade (his AMAZING wife, who is only in movies 3 & 4, but is a wonderful human being) and Ilsa Faust (basically his mirror, from movie 5). I'm also really fond of William Brandt, the awkward analyst who isn't really sure if he wants to be on the field and doesn't have much of a choice.


Lololol sorry I just. I love these movies. I love them SO MUCH. Ben is so smug! Abigail is so right! Riley is so "WHY IS THIS MY LIFE". They're adorable treasure hunter children and I love them, I love them so much. I also just love how seriously it takes its ridiculous plot and runs with it.

Pacific Rim


Chuck Hansen is my favorite baby child, mostly because I overidentify with his perfectionism and DRIVE TO DO THINGS RIGHT and SAVE HIS WORLD AT THE EXPENSE OF EVERYTHING ELSE. He's so gloriously bad at making choices, but he's a heroic jerk.

I love Mako Mori, too, because she's just as dedicated to the cause but knows Pentecost has all the right answers (or enough of them to not matter). She's such a quiet rebel, but her rebellious streak is a mile wide.


I have to admit, I am a member of Team Victoria Forever, though Victoria/Ivan is cute and I am very fond of the rest of the team (especially Marvin). I love particularly the level of competence all the characters have, these combined years of skill. Anything where they're learning those skills, or digging out skills to impress everyone else -- any of that! :D. 


EVERYONE IN THIS MOVIE IS A NERD and I find it so delightful! I particularly love how they all have their own competencies and weaknesses, and how Napoleon Solo is basically an upperclass Han Solo and how the "upperclass" adjective changes everything. I only ship Gaby/Illya, but I am more than happy with gen as well. And I love Napoleon. (And oh wow, I literally JUST realized Napoleon and Han have the same last name WHY DIDN'T I REQUEST STAR WARS/MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. (Mostly because I don't have enough ideas for that. But. Wow, that's a thing!)) I also love how the movie doesn't take the time to look too hard at what's happening in the characters' emotions because haha! care about emotions! that would requiring thinking about them. Emotions are hard.


I love Tomorrowland for its sheer optimism that I think can be entirely summed up by Casey's "so, what are we going to DO?" moment. It's a beautiful movie, a love-song to NASA and exploration, and I adore that things aren't easy and there are no quick fixes. My absolute favorite character is Athena, with all of her wisdom and years and how she takes GREAT JOY in being underestimated (even if she rolls her eyes). Casey and Frank are pretty cool, too! 
Request 1: Beyond Belief (Thrilling Adventure Hour), Agent Carter (TV), The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

Beyond Belief/Agent Carter: OH MY GOSH. Either Sadie and Frank encountering Carter during an investigation (or vice versa, and let's be honest, it's likely vice versa. Frank and Sadie would rather not do TOO much investigating), or it's one of those AAAALTERNATE UUUUNIVERSE episodes where SADIE PARKER is a WORLD CLASS SPY working with S.H.I.E.L.D. /chinhands. Or you could have Pterodactyl Jones just show up as a major character in an Agent Carter-y story being the PRIVATE SLEUTH they've hired to look into a particular mystery. Or Peggy could have gone to school with Sadie and they just have alcohol and reminisce about Days Gone By. OR... ANYTHING? Beyond Belief can be as malleable as you need to make this crossover work, that's what is so delightful about it.

Beyond Belief/The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: HAHAHA I just. COME DRINK WITH US, BABY SPIES. Baaaaby spies. Illya Kuryakin is forced to confront the CLOWN, oh wait no that could be really angsty -- but whatever, go there if you want to! Napoleon Solo is very sleek, and I suspect Sadie Doyle already knows him. He's somebody's cousin or somesuch. OR you could run with the AU where Sadie Parker is a RENOWNED ART THIEF and have her an Napoleon Solo know each other! OR you could say that that happened in that AU so when Sadie Doyle meets him she knows who this Napoleon Solo fellow is! (Even though, given the nature of alternate universes in Beyond Belief canon, he does not know her!) OR, you could have Frank following a monster to the U.S.S.R. in the pre-Sadie days and having to enlist the help of a very angry young man to beat it to death. OR, you could have Gaby Teller have to fix some vampires' car. Maybe Donna Henderson's! OR YOU COULD MAKE ILLYA BABYSIT THE HENDERSON APOCALYPSE BABY YES HAHAHA IT'D BE GREAT.

Agent Carter/The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: Maybe the Red Room is a blight on the face of the KGB, and when it crops up again somewhere outside of the U.S.S.R. the U.N.C.L.E. team teams up with the Agent Carter people to take it out?? (I realize the timelines don't really match up, so you can vaguely guess what's gone on with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the team in the ~15 years difference.) Or Illya and Ana Jarvis talk fashion (or Ana Jarvis and Gaby, anything ever <3). Or Solo and Stark being Faintly Aggressive Pals, because Stark doesn't know how to be friends with people who women ALSO flirt with oh no!! oh no competition!! Or even if the U.N.C.L.E. team feels the need to investigate Stark Industries and/or S.H.I.E.L.D.? Or they're BOTH WORKING THE SAME CASE and WHY ARE YOU HERE??? THIS IS OUR CASE, etc. :) Whatever you'd like

Request 2: Pacific Rim (2013), Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)

Pacific Rim/Edge of Tomorrow: A fusion where the mimics are a part of the kaiju-race's terraforming plan? Cage and Vrataski in Pacific Rim-verse, unexpectedly drift compatible? Mako and Rita doing ANYTHING (possibly they are a drifting pair? Or they train together? Or Mako teaches Rita the mechanicsy side of Jaegers?) Also the idea of Cage being the PPDC's PR guy and having to deal with Chuck Hansen makes me laugh in a very terrible way. CHUCK DOESN'T WANT TO HAVE TO DO MORNING SHOWS, CAGE. >.>

Pacific Rim/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:  Sooo. I ship Melinda May/Herc Hansen. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DO THAT THAT IS OK, I am also fine with no ships or canon ships. But, they'd be adorable. I'm most interested in this as "Pacific Rim happens in the Avengers Universe" -- either set at the very beginning, when the Avengers are like "!!!" or years later. Your call on whether or not Thor and the rest of the multiverse are cut off from Earth during the attack. :) Otherwise, if you'd like to do universe hopping, Daisy would be GREAT at hopping from universe to universe. Also, Fitz and Jemma and Mako seems like they'd make great friends. Or Bobbi as Raleigh's mentor? Please focus on characters from the series, not the extended movie universe.

Edge of Tomorrow/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Oh gosh, I have this weird desire for Raina to end up in a position like Cage's, either in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. world or Edge of Tomorrow world (obviously set pre-death, for her!). It'd be so interesting to see how she handled it. Otherwise, I'd love to see any story set with these worlds fused together, or one or more characters getting shuffled from one of the world's to another (either consciously, or in the style of "what would it be like if Vrataski grew up as an Inhuman who could reset time"). I'd love Daisy's interactions with either of the protagonists or J-Squad, too. 

Request 3: Tomorrowland (2015), National Treasure (Movies), Back to the Future (Movies)

Tomorrowland/National Treasure: I just love the idea of Riley getting an invitation and then dragging Abigail and Ben along. Or Abigail gets an invitation, or Ben somehow finds a gate to Tomorrowland somewhere?? You'd think he'd already have suspected the Eiffel Tower was a rocket before it took off, knowing our Ben Gates. ALSO, I just love the idea of Athena getting into adventures with any/all of the gang.

Tomorrowland/Back to the Future: DOC HELPS SET UP TOMORROWLAND. Or, Casey goes on an adventure to the FUTURE/far-flung past? OR Casey runs into Marty McFly, or someone uses a Delorean to fix Tomorrowland going wrong? Or Athena going back to the cowboy past from BttF 3? Or anyone visiting 80s!2015 (Casey's face, lololol).

National Treasure/Back to the Future: Hahahahaha. THERE ARE SO MANY PLACES TO GO, HERE. Mostly either Marty McFly being swept into an adventure with Ben & Abigail & Riley or Ben and/or Abigail and/or Riley being swept into an adventure with Doc. ANYWHERE. ANYWHEN. Preferably as ridiculous a place/adventure as possible.

Request 4: RED (Movies), Agent Carter (TV), Mission: Impossible (Movies)

SPY MOVIES. I'd love, in general, for any/all of these films to take place in the same shared universal space.

RED/Agent Carter: Maybe Peggy ends up mentoring a young Victoria? Or Frank Moses spending a stretch as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in his early years, or suddenly TIME TRAVEL SHENANIGANS and Peggy ends up IN THE FUTURE helping Victoria but for some reason not telling SHIELD (or in this case, maybe jumping universes where in hers she knows *a* Victoria, but that's not RED's Victoria). Or Ana and Edwin and Peggy all have to pull retired shenanigans and along the way adopt the markedly younger RED folks haha! Anything would be lovely.

RED/Mission: Impossible: HA. Gosh, like, if Frank helped train Ethan and a) STILL HAS SECRETS ETHAN DOESN'T KNOW and/or b) ETHAN HAS DEVELOPED SKILLS FRANK DIDN'T SUSPECT. Oh gosh, just bonding fic. Or Ilsa and Victoria in similar circumstances /chinhands, delightedly. OR really anything you'd like!!

Agent Carter/Mission: Impossible: I'd love anything with older-wiser Agent Carter folks mentoring tiny spies. So tiny! I mostly want Jarvis and Ana Jarvis to adopt Ilsa Faust but I suspect that would be really hard to pull off but it'd be SOOO GREAT. Anything with Ilsa or Ethan or Julia and any of the Agent Carter people is likely to delight me. Maybe Whitney Frost starts causing shenanigans again because somehow (???) the zero matter caused her to not age (???). Handwave-y science is fine by me!