Henceforth, I resolve not to even look at a (non-IC) lovememe once. Hold me to it.

Though it should be obvious, it might not be: Love you all so much. You know you can ping/e-mail me whenever with whatever. I fail at helping, but eh I can give it a shot :).
These were technically supposed to not revolve around Milliways, but all three (and cameos) are Milliways pups so PLEASE FORGIVE ANY VOICE SLAUGHTERING. Also, I'd forgotten too much of Elda's canon so I stole IRL and Milliways and made a fic of it! :D! 

Mitt )


Elda )


Joris )
ElsinoreQueen (5:29:36 PM): Hey, TL, I'm bored. Let's turn Cora and Hannah into giraffes and have them take over Belgium
ElsinoreQueen (5:29:48 PM): No, wait. BABY giraffes
TLvop (5:30:09 PM): :D!!!!
TLvop (5:30:13 PM): They could be polka-dotted!
TLvop (5:30:41 PM): *having trouble drinking soda because giggling*
ElsinoreQueen (5:30:47 PM): Cora could be polka dotted. Hannah would be the first ever argyle giraffe
TLvop (5:30:53 PM): Pink argyle, of course
TLvop (5:30:54 PM): *wise*
ElsinoreQueen (5:30:58 PM): Of course
ElsinoreQueen (5:31:20 PM): And then they will adopt an improbable pet
TLvop (5:31:31 PM): A wallaby?
TLvop (5:31:41 PM): And learn magics!
ElsinoreQueen (5:32:16 PM): No, they'll just figure out how to use the magics they've always had
TLvop (5:32:30 PM): Oh, yes. Of course.
TLvop (5:32:34 PM): (will there be wings?)
ElsinoreQueen (5:32:38 PM): YES
TLvop (5:32:40 PM): :D!!!
ElsinoreQueen (5:32:53 PM): Butterfly-winged, pink and green giraffes
TLvop (5:32:58 PM): *giggles a lot*
ElsinoreQueen (5:33:04 PM): In Belgium
ElsinoreQueen (5:33:08 PM): Doing magic
TLvop (5:33:09 PM): With a wallaby!
ElsinoreQueen (5:33:28 PM): A wallaby who sings showtunes and only eats marshmallows

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