Jan. 2nd, 2011

I wrote three fics for this yuletide! 2 full length, and 1 madness! I think it only summed up to about 2500 words this year, which is kind of hilariously little over 3 fics, but I had a good time! (Check my recs post for the awesome fic I had written for me by [livejournal.com profile] greenlily !)

My main: Mnimoniko (or 'Remembrance/Memory' in Greek) for DQbunny, Queen’s Thief canon. It is about a pretty minor character in the fourth book, in post-canon, and his discussion with his goddess. Labellementeuse gets a lot of credit for helping me brainstorm for this! :DDD. She also beta’d, and is awesome.

My full-length treat: though the fig tree does not bud (Habakkuk 3:17) for a_q, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles canon. It’s about Sarah Connor after John Connor leaves to explore the future, and how her life progresses from there on out. I totally used it as a reason to liberally spread biblical references because, hello, this is T:SCC. :PP. I used Habakkuk because I like saying it’s name, and what I remembered of it seemed to fit what was going on :). Hradzka, presentpathos, genarti, shaticordia, and varadia were all super helpful with this <3.

My madness treat: Minna Korobo ('Everyone falls down' [?] in Japanese, according to wiki — end of Ring Around the Rosie [which I know had no relation to the black plague but I was at my wit's end ok! <3]) for Pareidolia, Black Butler anime canon. It’s a pre-canon look at Sebastian (a demon) as a plague doctor, based on an offhand mention he makes in canon that he was responsible for bringing the Black Plague to Europe. Thanks to Strixus for letting me dig around for information :DDD and Kindness for beta-ing! WARNING: THIS FIC WAS RUSHED AND YOU CAN TELL.

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