Sep. 25th, 2016

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Hello, Yuletide Writer!

Thank you so much for writing a fic for me! My AO3 account is TLvop for easy access :). I'm sorry if this letter is a little lower on content/energy than previous ones, or at all uneven (this journal is basically just exchange letters, so feel free to go snooping) -- I'm having a mixed bag (balancing out to goodish) but exhausting few weeks! I'm a pretty easy recipient, and I like a ton of things, but I'm totally fine with you ignoring my prompts or only picking/choosing as long as you avoid my triggers (listed before the cut). Please write whatever strikes your fancy! And if writing my fic causes you any level of Not Fun Stress, please don't feel you're doing poorly by me if you default -- your mental health > this fanfic. <3

Also, the fandoms are listed alphabetically -- not by desire to get them! I pruned my list to only things I'd be delighted by :). My fandom prompts and notes are often spoiler-y, so... heads-up?


I really only have one trigger (non-con/dub-con/threats of the same), but many other things can set it off. Therefore, I would appreciate if you avoid "on-screen" sexual encounters, including dirty talk. Early "fade to black"s and kissing are generally fine, especially in relationships that are already established in the fic's timeline or are known to be happily established in canon if you're writing a prequel. Please also avoid discussed incest, under-18 sex, cross-generational (like "I knew you when you were a child") sex, and mentioned childhood sexual abuse (I don't believe this is canon for any of the characters I requested this year -- if it is, and you'd like to discuss it, please just add a warning tag). ALSO -- this is not always a trigger, but I would appreciate a warning for suicide if it comes up. Ryfkah (e-mail at ryfkah AT gmail DOT com) is a volunteered me-expert in this area, if you’re at all worried! She’s great, and you’ll be fine <3.

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