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TL note: As before, my best friend (Kerioth on AO3) still refuses to get a DW account just for yuletide, haha. Here is her letter for 2014.


Dear awesome Yuletide author,

First of all, thank you so much! I’m really happy you offered to write for one (or more?) of my fandoms, and I hope this letter helps you with the first part of that process.

In general, what you need to know about me is that I prefer gen or het stories, definitely nothing above “PG-13.” I also prefer happy or hopeful endings to stories, and stories that are true to canon in levels of violence and/or romance. Some of my notes are pretty specific, but I’ve tried to give you at least 2 or 3 different ideas for each canon in the hope that something I have to say here will spark your interest. Happy writing!

Oxford Time Travel – Ned Henry, Verity Kindle

I just finished reading To Say Nothing of the Dog, and I love it to bits. There's so much going on – time travel, history, mystery-solving, references to Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers, and a bit of romance – and I really like the way it all works together. Ned and Verity are great, whether they're acting silly from being time lagged or plotting to rig a séance or rescuing cats. Possible story directions: What do they do at Oxford when they're not running 24/7 time drops? Do they ever get to go on a date/honeymoon/vacation, and if they did, where would they go? Can anyone get Lady Schrapnell to tone it down a bit?

Alternatively, I'd love to see a story about Finch. I feel for him as the person holding things together (dealing with American bell ringers and Lady Schrapnell, rationing supplies, stalling) and it cracks me up that the mission he couldn't tell Ned about is rescuing kittens (because Finch is the perfect poker-faced Victorian butler and kittens are adorable fluffballs).
SKET Dance – Bossun, Himeko

This show is a riot, but it also has some really serious character moments, and I like the way it handles both. I'd love to see a story about Bossun and Himeko (or just one of them, or them and Switch, or the three of them and other people). Also, just about any kind of situation – just hanging out (with or without Switch), or on an awkward date, or helping a friend, or more backstory on how the Sket Dan got started – would be great.

Sometimes I ship Bossun and Himeko, and sometimes I like the fact that their relationship is close and complicated and not really romantic, so whatever you prefer to write in that regard is fine.

Old Kingdom – Sabriel, Touchstone

I particularly liked the first book of this series, both for the style and for the plot. I would love to read a story about how Sabriel and Touchstone got from where they are at the end of the first book, both in their personal relationship and in their positions in the Old Kingdom, to where they are at the beginning of the second book. How did they decide to get married? What was reorganizing and rebuilding the kingdom like? How did Sabriel manage her responsibilities as Abhorsen while she was pregnant and as a mother with small children?

I’d also be interested in a story about Touchstone’s life in the kingdom before its decline, exploring some more of the politics and culture of the Old Kingdom in general. How does it compare to the restored kingdom?

I’d also be interested to see a story about one of the older Abhorsens or possibly the Wallmakers. I’m intrigued by the bits and pieces we learn over the course of the series, but I think there’s plenty of room here to explore if that’s something you like to write.

I haven't yet read Clariel, but I will have read it by the time Yuletide stories are due so don't be afraid of spoiling me.
Lord Peter Wimsey – Peter, Harriet

My favorite part of this canon is the relationship between Peter and Harriet. I’d love to see a post-canon story developing their relationship while they solve a mystery, or about them solving a mystery while they develop their relationship. Some prompting questions: What’s their family like? Do any of their children take up mystery-solving (or writing)? Does Bunter ever go on vacation (and could they cope if he did)?

Also nice would be a “missing story” from Peter and Harriet’s courtship period, or a story from another character's perspective giving observations on Peter, Harriet, or Peter and Harriet.

Thank you again!

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