Quick – Dearest friends who I can connect to the stories you wrote, I am not reccing you because despite the fact that I love your fics it makes me feel weird (also because I hate you, naturally <3). Also, when I had more stories I loved than I could deal with, I limited myself to those with low comments. I still posted this long before I covered everything I loved, though, because of basic tiredness!

The story written for me is asterisk’d and awesome :D.

Things with double asterisks you can read without knowing canon at all (though you can read the others, too :P. UNLESS IT IS QUEEN’S THIEF THEY WILL SPOIL YOU FOREVER.)

Fire & Hemlock – Diana Wynne Jones

like the castle in its corner *, my gift so TERRIBLY LONG REC but it deserves every word! <3 )
Gunnerkrigg Court

The Wheel and The Serpent**, A Terrible Revelation (Madness) )
The Queen’s Thief – Megan Whalen Turner


Subtle Comforts, Silver Moonlight, The Ambassador's King (Bonus Yuletide 2009!) )
Spirited Away

Along the Way ** )
Spy vs. Spy

Spy vs. Spy Who Came In From The Cold ** )
Ursula Vernon – Works

The Grace of the Golem Keeper **, documents gathered during the canonization inquiry for Saint Azul ** )

First of all: you are a rockstar, or other awesome being of your choice!


:DDDDDD. <3. We will get along well, dearest of yulepersons


I will expound this later when I am less frustrated at LJ! But under PG-13 (unless R for darkness/themes) = awesome!

Also I love cheerful fics, and thoughtful fics, and bittersweet fics, and things with worldbuilding, and accuracy in research, and explorations of who characters are. (I also, somewhat contradictorily, like fics that never quite tell you the whole story, though it's clear the author knows it. See: Fire and Hemlock!)

I do not like sexism/homophobic-ness/other -isms/racism/ableism, though really only the last will totally destroy my ability to read the fic. I ask if you use any of them, you use it thoughtfully and in-character (for instance, Mitt is a misogynistic classist. It's canon). I can't stand if it's supported by the narrative, though.

I do not read porn; relatedly, in most instances I vastly prefer gen to shipfic. I do not mind romance, but it rarely seems to me to add to the story rather than become a story about romance? So if you want to write it, you can, but make sure it illumines who the characters are :).

Oh, and: my triggers are violence done to children, and men using their social power over women. Very specific, I know, but it's probably good to let you know! The latter is fuzzy, so really don't worry about it if you are going "is this it???"  I'll probably be okay! Run it past the person below, though, if you want to be sure :).

Also you can ping Becca (bookelfe on AIM) or send her an e-mail at ryfkah@gmail.com if you ever have any questions. She has told me she is willing to act as the expert on TL. (She IS a me-expert. It is somewhat terrifying, if useful)


My requests! )


tlvop: Drawing of a girl frowning a lot (DISAPPROVE)

Okay, so first of all: people I owe drabbles, they will be posted! I got a bit distracted by being inspired by

[livejournal.com profile] ceitfianna's prompt to write a future OOM >.>. Uhhhh whoops! <3 (AND THEN I STARTED WATCHING MERLIN. )


Also I have three recipes so uhhhhh I will write those up asap also. They are full of delicious! Except I think I posted one already years back, so I will just link you to that one when I do the recipe post.

I am going to the endodontist today to (finally) get my tooth root canal'd. It is my funky tooth which he saw yesterday and went "what" at it, because it apparently is a really  weird  tooth? He says he (referred by multiple people as one of the top endodontists in my metropolitan area) only sees cases like it about once every five years. Because I injured it when I was seven, the root canal never actually closed (whoops) and therefore the de-pulping + sealing is going to be harder and likely to be more painful/less definite chance of success. SO THAT'LL BE FUN.


the icon is because my mouth is on google images ) with helpful pictures, and SOEMONE PUT UP MY X-RAYS AND PHOTOS FROM WHEN I WAS TWELVE (after my first set of braces, before my second) ON HIS BLOG SAYING HE DID A DENTAL IMPLANT ON ME. And he has my town and city right, and the pictures have my funny connective tissue between my lip and my gum (which doctors keep telling me to get cut, but I dun wanna) and my funky little tooth growing out of my gum on the bottom that I had fixed with my second set of braces. I mean, I recognize my mouth! I look at it multiple times a day!


But his photoshop skills must be pretty good, because he shows metal psots in the place of my dead tooth (the one I'm getting the experimental root canal on today). Though, uh, the picture he has of my mouth with the "implant" is in fact another picture of my mouth, with the dead tooth whitened. I know because I remember getting that oicture taken too.

But what if I'm wroooong. I AM SO CONFUSED.

(I have never seen this doctor, and I am certain that he is fishy because he has on all of his like dentist ranking blogs perfect scores over seven variables after five reviews. YEAH RIGGHT, DUDE. someone will give you a 3.5/4 on something.)

I just. IDEK.


Also I feel suddenly shy about posting a link to my mouth on LJ...? But ping me, and I can link you.

Please to be giving me drabble prompts! :D

(aware: I do not write > PG-13, I suck at writing exactly 100 words, I am slow, and my canons are numerous. if you have any questions re: canons/elsewise, please to be asking!)
Okay, so forewarning I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN A RECIPE. Most of these I will be transcribing from elsewhere, but this is just a generic family recipe that we ate last night (and I made the leftovers into soup for dinner tonight). And it was delicious! I may be slightly punchy on sleep dep, too, I don't even know. FOREWARNING: I am a cooking experimenter, but by no means professional and/or skilled! I make food which I like, is all.

If I can get my camera to obey my commands, we will see about possibly adding pictures to this eventually? FOR NOW:

Slow Cooked Chicken )

Awesome Sweet Potatoes )

Remember to leave the tin foil to cool before removing it, OR AT LEAST USE OVEN MITTS. Actually, use oven mitts for this whole thing. NOTE: Any time dealing with ovens which should be assumed to be hot even when they are not, just use oven mitts.

So You Like Leftover Soup )
And...uh. Then I ate it.



I just started Weight Watchers Online, because talking to strangers about my weight =/= a good time for me, however I totally get their whole accountability/motivation thing, etc.! So, um--

A) I was thinking of doing a weight management filter. I can promise I will try to be positive in said posts, but I definitely will not be adding anyone without their permission! So, uh, if you're okay with that please to tell me? (Note to guys: you probably won't get on this filter, sorry. Issues, etc. :))

B) I am learning a lot of recipes to do this, so I am going to probably be posting recipes a couple times a week under an LJ-cut (so as to not litter people's f-lists); so, um, if I do that, do you guys think putting the # of weight watcher points (so I can keep track) would be a problem? (Weight Watchers points are a straaange science very barely connected to caloric level, as far as I can tell.) Because if that would I definitely will leave them off!

Best + love!
Hey guys!

I am going in for a pretty minor medical procedure tomorrow to see what all's causing my stomach sick this year; but I'm going to be sedated and then spend of the rest of the day recovering from sedation SO this is where you come in! (Possibly, if you want?)

Please send me links to funny videos and/or dorky fic that I can understand while drugged up?

Thaanks :) :).

(bonus: if you want to give me drabble requests, I have no promise I will actually write any, but sometimes they are fun to do while sort of out of it!)

Do any of you know anything about the publishing industry or graphic design, especially re: the design/layout of covers (/dust jackets, but electronic ones work too)?

Would you be willing to give me links to awesome websites/referrals to books or articles of a generally quotable nature that I could read? :D :D :D

(Senior thesis is about product design in the publishing industry, especially in relation to fiction books [as things that are more utilitarian have less dependence on the pretty], and how it influences the consumer purchase decision. Thus the questions!)

I can write you drabbles. Um, if you...can deal with the fact that they might not be awesome. :D?


(if you just want drabbles, I am dying of school. GIVE ME PROMPTS. I WILL PROCRASTINATE HAPPILY.)
Well CLEARLY I rock at posting once a week!!

TRUFAX: my roommate Heather is hilarious, so I will quote her at you. (For the setting to be complete, you have to realize Heather is very posh, almost always impecabbly dressed and made up, and has the bearing of a vr srs person. This is why she makes me laugh so much.)

Re: Finding out about Terry Goodkind's evil pacifists (last night, via TV tropes)

"Evil pacifists? I mean, what do they even say?" she pauses, and her voice drops and octave (evilly!!!!) "I am SO EVIL that I'm going to CREATE PEACE!!! PEACE FOR EVERYONE!!! MWAHAHAHAHHA!"

I am still incredibly entertained.

Here's my actual yuletide reveal post, vs. my brief sketching out of one.


warning: here there be talking )

General comments: yuletide this year was overall great, though in some ways incredibly disheartening. I still feel kind of like I "failed" it but in the long run I am happy with the fics I wrote (and got an amazing fic in return <3! thanks, [livejournal.com profile] nextian :D!) even though I worry that they might've not served their intended purpose.

Also, some people have mentioned vaguely that I should go back and add "character of color" tags to my two yuletide madness fic as both Astrid and Agent Ellison are African-American. I am not sure if I should do this, and would like your advice? I kind of wrote it disregarding race, as I know my privelege, lack of real knowledge, etc. makes writing-while-regarding kind of a minefield? And I don't want to claim it as CoC fic on that basis? But at the same time, maybe I should because they are.


Someone told me I should update my journal more; I agree, this is a very good thing to do! However, I suck at having grand adventures or Deep Insights on a daily basis, so I am more likely to share random things (which probably are not so interesting!). And, maybe not daily. But...once a week, at least? I'll try. (More likely to try when I have an essay to write. Like now! :P)

In which TL is amused, and boring stuff happens. HELLO MINUTAE OF DAY TO DAY EXISTENCE. )


Okay, so I totally have to go back and then leave bis Jan 4/5 so I am not going to be able to do a whole reveal post thingy yet! But, safe to say, I wrote fic! (Yay!)

On archive of our own I am:

I wrote full-size fic in: The Dalemark Quartet - Jones (Alona), and The Thief Series - Turner (netgirl_y2k)

I wrote madness fic in: Fringe (Vivien [:D]), and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (BOF Oddity)

To my betas: y'all are hardcore!  I will edit when I am not on a crunch to properly go <3 at you, but: Thanks to  Becca, Kerioth, Aspen, and Trascendenza! Another thanks to Shati, Gen, and Lexie for telling me I don't suck at writing when I was busy being an eeyore. :D

To any recipients reading: THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME PROMPTS :D

To any reviewers reading: I am so in love with you all <333.  I hoard your comments like a dragon and then read them over and over again to my heart's content. It makes me feel like I can write! :D


FUNNY STORY my writer is nextian (whose LJ name is the same, I am pretty sure!) and I think we have like a million or at least three or four friends in common because I am very used to seeing her name, but that is beside the point! I laughed and laughed when I found out because I ended up beta-ing for one of her other stories, and she was totally my hippo who hippo-danced for like half an hour to find someone to beta my itsy Sarah Connor Chronicles fic. \o/ THANK YOU!!! (It looks like she had a good time writing it so! :D I am happy)

Pst. Also go read http://dictator-duck.livejournal.com/30041.html#cutid1 if you haven't! It's an obscure fandom, but the rec is for an AMAZING FIC.


The Dark Is Rising


Three recs! )


Lord Peter Wimsey/Doctor Who

Rec about the awesome crossover of awesome! )

Dearest Yuletider,

Don't panic! I babble a lot out of love, not out of a desire to impose restrictions or anything *flutters*. Whatever you write I will love, seriously. My parents will wake up to hear me squealing and it will be awesome :D! In which I babble sleep dep'dly for entirely too long :) )
(Also, if you are totally lost on what I mean by anything or need help prompting I'd suggest pinging some people who know basically all there is to know about my fanfic habits! Two of the three:

Name: Gen, AIM: Zebosity
Name: Rym, who needs to be LJ-messaged (she's the first comment below)

I will ask the other for permission next time I see her online :D)

A. Has my portrayal of a character(s) changed the way you think of him/her?
Characters who have been in more than once: Finn dan Shahar (The Fionavar Tapestry), John Connor (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Dr. Zach Addy (Bones, deleted), Cora (Narnia), Filif (Young Wizards), Mitt Mittson (The Dalemark Quartet), Helen Haras-uquara (Homeward Bounders), Rue (Princess Tutu)

B. Pick one of my characters and I'll answer the following questions about him or her.
Additional characters for this: Legolas (Lord of the Rings), Ben Gates (National Treasure)

1. What would your character kill for? What would they die for?
2. What would they refuse to do under any circumstances? Why?
3. What do they dream about?
4. What's their biggest fear?
5. What single object would they be most hard pressed to part with? Why?
6. What is their fondest memory?
7. What is their worst memory?
8. What or who was were their most significant influence? Expound.
9. What do they believe makes a successful life?
10. What makes them laugh?
11. What are their religious views?
12. What is their greatest strength?
13. Do they have a fatal flaw? If so, what is it?
14. Who is the most important person in their life?
15. If they died, who would miss them most? How would they die?

C. Pick a fandom, any fandom I'm in. I will tell you some stuff that may involve canon ships, fanon ships, fanon trends, and whether or not I think things jumped the shark or went absolutely nuts, or where I myself stopped watching and why!

(Note: when I say 'fandom I'm in', that basically means 'anything I've seen or read and know well enough to remember', since only in the very loosest sense could I be counted properly in any fandoms. A basic list: any one in which I play a character, Lord Peter Wimsey, Harry Potter, and uhhhh. Uhhhhhhhhhh. It's 2 am, I'll get back to this.)

This is mostly a short summary of what I've done, and what I'm likely to do!


Ta da! )
Henceforth, I resolve not to even look at a (non-IC) lovememe once. Hold me to it.

Though it should be obvious, it might not be: Love you all so much. You know you can ping/e-mail me whenever with whatever. I fail at helping, but eh I can give it a shot :).



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